Why Choose NwTech, Inc. as Your Enterprise Office 365 Migration Specialist

NwTech, Inc. has over 17 years of experience working with Business, Government and Education, in managing their email environments. As one of the leading Office 365 migration consultant companies, NwTech will help you migrate to Office 365 in a truly cost-effective, efficient and seamless way that will forever transform the way you do business. Speaking of cost, some organizations will charge upwards of $50,000 to migrate a 1,000 user site – NwTech will do it for under $20,000 and guarantee our work.

Moving any organization to Office 365 is a multi-phased project that requires expertise in project management, change management, technical consulting and technical support. To better understand the process, here are some questions we might ask you.

Understanding your environment

Number of Exchange servers
Physical or virtual servers
Total size of all Exchange databases
Average mailbox size
Email clients in use (e.g. Outlook 2010, 2013, Outlook for Mac, Mac Mail, Outlook for iOS, Thunderbird, etc.)
OS in use (Windows 7, 8, 10, OSX, Linux, etc.)
Which Office 365 license will be utilized (E1, E2, E5)
Internet connectivity (connection type and bandwidth) at Exchange server location
Internet connectivity (connection type and bandwidth) at end-user location
How many email domains are in use
What is current Active Directory domain name and does it match the email domain
Are public folders being used? If so, how many and what is the total database size
Is an email filtering appliance or service (McAfee, Kaspersky, Proofpoint, etc.) being used

Migration Options
  • Cutover: Entier organization is moved at once. All clients and devices have to be manually reconfigured to connect to Office 365. All mailbox data will have to be re-downloaded by the clients
  • Staged: Similar to a cutover migration, except the migration can be done in batches. Not supported for Exchange 2010 or higher
  • 3rd Party Tools: Essentially a staged migration. Supported with any Exchange version. Additional licensing cost (per-mailbox). Cost can be offset by purchasing licenses from selected Office 365 resellers.
  • Hybrid: Most seamless migration option. Migrations can be performed at the individual mailbox level. Clients will automatically reconfigure. Mailbox data will not need to be re-downloaded.
Single Sign-On Options – Password Sync
  • Simpler to deploy and manage
  • Hash of the password hash is synchronized to the cloud
  • Not true SSO, though that is achievable using other technologies like Azure AD join or seamless SSO
  • For increased security, ADFS Proxy servers can be deployed as well
Federated Identities (ADFS)
  • More complex to deploy and manage
  • No password data is synchronized to Azure AD. All authentication is performed against on-premises ADFS servers
  • Resilient design is necessary, otherwise a failure of ADFS will cause all authentication requests to fail. Resilient design would require a minimum of 2 ADFS servers and a load balancer.
  • True SSO
  • Ability to customize the authentication slow, i.e. restrict certain device types, restrict access based on source network, integrate with other SSO solutions